Welcome to University of Tampere - Campus Tour 2018

Welcome to the University of Tampere!

The famous tube at uni that connects buildings - Campus Tour 2018

An iconic tube connects buildings at the University of Tampere.

Taitokeskus where students can practice on robots - Campus Tour 2018

Robots wait for students in Tampere’s Taitokeskus facility…

Taitokeskus: they have kids of different age to practice dif kind of approaches - Campus Tour 2018

Students in Tampere can practise on robots of different sizes.

Biocity, very modern campus with plenty of laboratories inside - Campus Tour 2018

BioCity is for life sciences and medicine students in Turku.

Some nice perks from Turku - Campus Tour 2018

Our member universities are always pleased to welcome visitors!

At Nobel’s laboratory  - Campus Tour 2018

The Turku laboratory where Nobel Prize winning work was done!

Welcome to UEF - Campus Tour 2018

Welcome the University of Eastern Finland in Kuopio!

Testing innovative board - Campus Tour 2018

Some new writing board technology in action in Kuopio.

Catch box - Campus Tour 2018

Catch box at UEF campus in Kuopio.

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Campus tour: University of Turku and Åbo Akademi

Finland University organized a campus tour for the Sqore competition winner, Williane Bernardes in May, 2018. This blog post is about the second day of that trip and tour to our two universities in Turku.

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Campus tour: University of Eastern Finland

Every year hundreds of students from all over the world choose Finland as the continuation of their higher education process due to its well-known quality. This time we want to prove this quality pattern by showing you our real campuses, with real students and real professors through the eyes of a first timer.

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Campus tour: University of Tampere

This is the final part of the campus tour organized by Finland University. Here you can learn more about University of Tampere, PhD opportunities and uniqueness of the Finnish education.

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