The Master’s Degree Programme (MDP) in Biomedical Technology is intended for students with a Bachelor’s degree in biological, computational or mathematical sciences who want to attain in-depth knowledge and hands-on skills in the crossroads of molecular biology, cell technology and bioinformatics with the focus on human health. The programme is open for applications from both Finnish and international applicants.

Biomedical technology is a multi-disciplinary field that builds on molecule-level understanding of biological systems with a goal to develop new approaches to advance medical and biotechnological applications. The Master’s Degree Programme in Biomedical Technology at the Tampere University provides multi-disciplinary education that combines natural sciences with technology with a specific focus on methods that have potential to advance human health. The programme brings together the expertise and methods in a large spectrum of natural, medical, and engineering sciences, including biology, chemistry, medicine, genetics as well as statistics, computational and data sciences. There are three options for specialization: molecular biology, cell technology, and bioinformatics.

Career or after graduation opportunities

The programme equips students with the essential skills needed for working in the field of biomedical technology, such as project work and management skills and ability to work in a laboratory. Our graduates have found work as academic specialists working in research or teaching, or in the field of product development, both in Finland and abroad. Some also work in sales and marketing in biomedical companies or are employed by research institutes or research funding organizations.

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Master of Science


4 December 2018 – 23 January 2019

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August 2019


120 credits, 2 years of full-time study


Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences


Tampere University




12 000 €


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