This Master's degree programme provides an in-depth view to the fundamental character and development of games. Games have grown into an important form of culture and human interaction, expanding from entertainment to other areas of life. Internet and social media form an increasingly vital part of communication, social life and distribution of media and services.

The programme is particularly targeted at the questions of analysis, design and application of online services and digital games from user- and culturally focused perspectives. It directs students to develop academic skills like critical thinking, scientific writing and carrying out research projects, while encouraging active and comprehensive involvement with the practical processes and phenomena related to games and Internet.

The programme is founded on a long history of education in hypermedia and in Information Studies and Interactive Media at the University of Tampere. UTA has high profile research groups that are focused on Internet and game studies, and in fact in 2018-2025, the University of Tampere Game Research Lab coordinates a Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies funded by the Academy of Finland.

Career or after graduation opportunities

Graduates typically combine the skills and knowledge derived from this programme with previous studies and proficiencies that enable them to work as experts of games and Internet in various professional roles, in research, public sector as well as in industry. The need for knowledgeable workforce is growing in the fields related to games and interactive media, but the students should adopt an active attitude in fashioning their own specific area of expertise and professional profile.

Graduates can take up multiple work roles that relate to the research and development of games as well as to the application of gameplay and game design for various purposes. Working as a university educated expert in this rapidly developing field of interactive media requires solid research and communication skills, combined with an active and independent mindset, and willingness to explore and innovate new approaches to understanding and applying interactive media into practice.

The possible jobs of graduates include researchers, developers, critics and specialists working with the interpretation, evaluation or implementation of games and social media.

Some IGS alumni interviews - including their careers after graduation - can be found on the UTA Game Research Lab pages.

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Master of Science


4 December 2018 – 23 January 2019

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August 2019


120 credits, 2 years of full-time study


Faculty of Communication Sciences


Tampere University




12 000 €



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