The Information Security and Cryptography's track of Networked Systems Security focuses on information security technologies for networked systems and applications of the communication-intensive future. The covered topics include system and network security, security of communication systems and applications and security in system design.

Students will gain profound and substantial education and expertise in the field of networked systems security. The topic is approached in a multi-disciplinary fashion. Students will also have compulsory studies both in the cryptographic and the management aspects of information security.

Career or after graduation opportunities

In both Europe and Finland, the information intensive industry has become the most important business sector.  Moreover, information has become one of the most relevant products in the information society. Securing this business sector and its products is vital in the modern era.

The degrees from this programme cover the different areas of information security. Based on the personally planned expertise profiles, successful careers as information and cyber security experts in the IT sector are achievable in both Finland and abroad. The education also benefits from co-operation with regional companies, especially in terms of optional Capstone projects.

A personal study plan made for each student creates an individual information security expertise profile.

Possible job titles are:

  •     cryptography engineer
  •     network security engineer
  •     information security manager
  •     chief information officer


The MDP in Information Security and Cryptography joins the EIT Digital Master School in Cyber Security starting fall 2018!

The EIT Digital Master School is a two-year Master's programme jointly run by 20 European top universities, renowned researchers and leading businesses. The programme leads to a double degree and an EIT labeled Certificate. The MDP in Information Security and Cryptography acts as both an entry site and an exit site for the EIT Master School. The students start their cyber security studies in one of the universities offering the entry year studies, and move to another university in another country for the exit (specialisation) year.

In the field of cyber security, the MDP in Information Security and Cryptography at the University of Turku is the only degree programme in Finland to participate in the EIT Digital Master School.

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Master of Science in Technology (inf. tech.)


3 December 2018 – 31 January 2019

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Autumn 2019


120 credits, 2 years of full-time study


Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Future Technologies


University of Turku




16 000 €



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