The Tourism Marketing Management programme is not only about making money – it aims to make tourism better. Students will learn what is better for tourism businesses, for tourists, the environment, and local communities. The programme may not be easy, but there are not many like it in the world: with a strong focus on understanding the customer, on creating value for all people and organizations involved in tourism, on small and medium-sized enterprises, and on the well-being of tourists, nature, businesses, and local people.

Career or after graduation opportunities

The programme gives students the skills and knowledge required for various positions in the fields of business and tourism. It provides assets that are useful in everyday business, such as understanding customer behaviour and creating customer experiences. In addition, the programme enables expertise in online marketing, content creation and curation in social media, along with analytical thinking. Specialization in tourism marketing and management gives graduated students the possibility to work, for example, in the following positions within the field of tourism:

  • Destination manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Consultant and expert
  • Destination marketer
  • Marketing manager
  • Social media marketer

The main focus in the programme is to create talents that make tourism better. Its students will be the ones that develop the field, both in academia as well as in the industry. By finishing the degree, students will be eligible to apply for doctoral student positions in universities around the world.

However, many of the future jobs do not even exist yet! Tourism Marketing Management teaches students the skills and knowledge to prepare and adapt to upcoming changes and how they can help the tourism industry and research to keep up to date with the latest economical and technological developments.

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Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration)


1 November 2018 – 31 January 2019

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Autumn 2019


120 credits, 2 years of full-time study


University of Eastern Finland Business School


University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu Campus




8 000 €




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